How it works

At Therapiya, we seek to allow clients to mindfully and progressively work towards enhanced health and wellbeing.

Your holistic consultation allows our consultant to delve deeper into your health and medical condition as well as understand your needs, body type and preferences. This helps us craft a bespoke itinerary for you to best suit your requirements and state of health.

All treatments and consultations at Therapiya are available as part of a bouquet and are valued in treatment weights. A bouquet is a set of treatment weights that enables you to either follow the itinerary planned by your consultant or to take treatments periodically as suggested. It also encourages you to make a commitment to yourself and ensures that Therapiya stays true to its intention of being a serious and focused center for holistic wellbeing.

Therapiya may be visited by appointment only and is open to everyone over the age of 12.

For details, please call us on (+91) 11 42744444.



Seven days a week
7:00 am – 7:00 pm