The Concept


A center by Vana for traditional medicine systems, Therapiya currently offers Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yoga as therapy to be phased-in early next year.

Our current offering includes consultations, a full repertoire of treatments and a quality-assured Ayurveda pharmacy.

Therapiya’s mindful design, sincere team and attention to detail is a first for an urban wellness center and in a league of its own. We wish to become a holistic alternative to conventional medicine and a path to greater wellbeing.

By addressing the health issues and conditions afflicting one’s daily life, we carve out a path that leads to
long-term wellbeing.

Located in Padmini Enclave, New Delhi, Therapiya is designed to offer a private, nurturing environment and may be visited by appointment only.

One’s journey at Therapiya is a commitment to one’s health. We therefore start with an itinerary that includes a holistic consultation and subsequent treatments. Single treatments are not offered as we strongly believe greater wellbeing is achieved over time.