Centered on the premise that understanding oneself and a balanced lifestyle are essential to a healthy life, ayurveda aims to restore equilibrium using basic principles, treatments, supplements and nutritional advice. This ancient science looks at a person holistically, considering their physical, mental and spiritual self, as well as their environment. It uses nature and learning gathered over centuries to understand each individual separately, determine their ‘dosha’ (vata, pitta or kapha) and work towards their highest state of wellbeing.

At Therapiya, ayurveda is offered under the guidance of our ayurveda specialist and therapists. Treatment protocols are authentic and true to the tradition. We may customise a treatment to address a particular concern.

Our current ayurveda repertoire includes abhyanga, shiroabhyanga, shirodhara, udwartana, urdhwanga, patra pinda swedana, navara kizhi, choorna swedana, pizhichil , sthana vasti, pichu, nasya, anuvasana vasti, matra vasti, niruha vasti and more, as part of a client’s treatment itinerary.

All products used at Therapiya are chosen for their therapeutic value and made by the most reputed pharmacies in India.